2022 Naran Hyper-Coupé

2022 Naran Hyper-Coupé

An authentic GT3-style driving experience for the road, Naran Automotive’s hyper-coupé is more than just a hypercar, it’s a piece of high-performance art.


Penned by Jowyn Wong, the designer responsible for the Apollo IE and De Tomaso P72, Naran Automotive says its hyper-coupé looks brutal yet beautiful; “a true embodiment of art on wheels”. The handcrafted carbon-composite bodywork is wrapped around a set of 22-inch hybrid-carbon alloys, housing carbon-ceramic discs originally developed for 24- hour endurance racing. The Naran’s bespoke double-wishbone suspension arrangement features adjustable anti-roll bars and camber and toe adjustments, which allow a driver to alter the four-seater’s dynamics to suit their driving style f or whichever track they’re on.

2022 Naran Hyper Coupe Has Twin-Turbo V8 That Makes 1,048HP

A GT3 racing-derived cooling system feeds air into a twin-turbo 5,0-litre V8 petrol engine. Developed with German firm Racing Dynamics, the front mid-mounted engine produces 781 kW and 1 036 N.m of torque. Power can be relayed to either all four corners or – for the most rewarding driving experience – the rear axle only.

Thanks to motorsport-inspired aerodynamics, the firm says the Naran produces 1 377 kg of downforce at speed. Only 49 units will be produced, each tailored to its buyers’ tastes, including a unique model name to go with it.


  • 2,3 seconds* 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h)
  • 4,5 seconds* 0-100 mph (0-161 km/h)
  • 16,5 seconds* 0-200 mph (0-322 km/h)
  • >370 km/h* Top speed

*Claimed figures

“Our vision is to create the most beautiful and thrilling cars in existence, inspiring future generations to pursue their wildest dreams.” – Ameerh Naran, CEO, Naran Automotive


From the age of four, Ameerh Naran dreamt of building his own supercar. “I decided it’s my purpose in life,” the Zimbabwean-born entrepreneur says. With an undeniable love for cars, Ameerh regularly participated in single-seater racing championships when he was a youngster.

Coming from a manufacturing background – his father had a shoe-manufacturing business – Ameerh knew he would end up creating his own products. Now, three decades later and with successful business ventures such as high-end private-jet company Vimana Private Jets to his name, Ameerh is ready for the next chapter, and to realise his childhood dream; establishing his own brand of performance vehicles. “I see Naran as being the pinnacle hypercar manufacturer … being seen more as the creators of high-performance art than vehicles,” he says. 

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