Concept: Carbon Charger

Concept: Carbon Charger

What becomes abundantly clear the moment you look at Matt’s C10 on the cover is that the dude clearly knows how to execute a plan right down to the smallest details. It’s more than just the bigticket items; it’s all those finer details that can elevate any project to the elite level. However, this is not all that surprising considering Matt lives and breathes this level of vehicle via his social media fap-feast we all know as ‘Low Fast Famous’. When you’re soaking in builds day and night, your brain is a noise of dream projects, so the worst thing that could happen is if someone like NZV8 asks to pick just one. Matt was quick to point out that “This was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do”, but eventually he locked in on a ’70 Dodge Charger inspired by one of his all-time favourite builds, the trophy hauling and utterly over-the-top, completely carbon fibre Dodge Charger from Speedkore dubbed ‘Evolution’. When you’re drawing inspiration from one of the baddest Chargers on the planet, then you know your version is going to blow minds.

Speedkore would supply one of its complete carbon fibre body packages — yes, it’s a complete body, not just the bolt-on panels. This includes, but is not limited to, the doors, quarters, pillars, roof, bumpers, bonnet, and boot — the list goes on. Speedkore would also supply a bunch of carbon interior pieces to go with the mix of leather and suede found inside, along with a full roll cage to tie everything together and keep the whole family safe. All the carbon, inside and out, would be left in its raw form for your viewing pleasure — do you blame him? The basis for the underpinnings would be a Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis spec’d with all the billet arms on offer, as well as a set of corner-carving Penske coilovers. Brakes would be 16-inch and 14-inch carbon ceramic, and a huge set of Rotiform KPS forged measuring 19x10-inch up front and 20x13 on the rear, wearing 345s, would offer some serious grip. That’s a good thing, too, as the power levels would be upwards of 1600hp when the serious juice was flowing.

The power plant in question would be another piece of art, this time from Nelson Racing Engines in the form of an all-black 572-cube twin-turbo Hemi, which pumps out 1200 on regular old pump gas and an easy 1600 on race gas. The engine would run the NRE twin-throttle body billet manifold and a pair of NRE mirror turbos — around 76mm in size. This combination would keep all the boost plumbing invisible, leaving only a block and the pair of huffers on display — of course shrouded by carbon fibre panels.

This car would be built to be driven, and for it to deliver a true driving experience it would have to retain three pedals and a stick shift despite the wild power output. Matt’d be happy to sacrifice a few Tremecs in the name of fun, and even when speccing Tremec’s biggest and baddest — the Magnum 6060 six-speed, which is rated to 700lbft— the fact the Hemi makes close to double that torque would mean the gear swapper was on borrowed time.

The build would be topped off with plenty of Matt’s personal touches — the type of stuff you can see on the C10, such as flush-mount glass. It’s a good thing that those responsible for the C10’s custom bodywork are also familiar with carbon, as we suspect the Abbott brothers would be called upon to perform a long list of these body modifications to make the Charger truly one of a kind. 

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