1968 Ford Falcon GT KAG003

1968 Ford Falcon GT KAG003

I’ve just received my issue 447 in the mail and came across the London-to-Sydney article featuring the old Ford KAG 003. Whilst the car is best known for its 1968 London to Sydney performance it also started in the 1979 Repco Round Australia Trial with three intrepid entrants from Alice Springs, including yours truly.

Graeme, the then car owner, asked two of us from the Alice Springs rallying fraternity to join him on the event. In addition to updating the car to meet the event supp regs at the time we traipsed around Alice Springs pestering every business for sponsorship, hence the myriad signs on the car. Graeme painstakingly had all the original 1968 signage recreated only to be told by the organisers that he couldn’t run with those visible. Some gently applied masking tape was applied before the start which (un)fortunately blew off fairly quickly down the road!

We drove the car to the start in Melbourne via the then unsealed Stuart Highway via Adelaide thereby completing about a third of the Trial distance before even starting.

Ford Falcon GT

The car wears some serious scars as it did manage to run off the road into the odd solid object early in the event due in part to a persistent loss of brake pressure that was never able to be fixed on event.

The comment about the Falcons plodding along was never more evident than in outback SA where many cars were caught out & bogged by extensive patches of bull dust across the route. We simply slowed down, dropped it into second and chugged through without missing a beat. Our event ended at the start of the Nullabour Plain section as it was decided too dangerous to continue with the suspect brakes which we had insufficient time to fix due to running out of late time thanks to the earlier indiscretions.

It’s a great car and I’m so glad I was given the opportunity by Graeme to be involved in its preparation & subsequent start in the event. I’m just a bit jealous that Parry at Muscle Car Warehouse has the opportunity to preserve the old girl. 

Daniel Bevis

Thanks so much for sharing that story, Dan. We suspected the old war horse had seen a fair bit of service, and the fact it was setting out on the Reliability Trial 11 years after its first big marathon event says a lot about the car, the times and the people. Amazing.