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1 year ago

The Next Month page in the August Jaguar World showed this issue running a post-lockdown story with my XK8. Well, although I started the journey I got exactly 30 miles from home before an engine warning light appeared on the dash. I’m still waiting to hear what the problem is, but I’ve never come as close to selling my car as when I slowly limped to the garage. But I know I won’t. Like the dog, cat and perhaps even my children, the green XK8 is definitely part of the family and I can’t imagine life without it. I’m clearly not the only one to think this about their Jaguar. The owner of an unrestored Mk VII, whose father bought the car in 1968, must have, as did the first owner of a 1976 XJ-S who kept the car for more than 40 years. And although the first buyer of the low-mileage XK8 on – a certain Sultan of Brunei – probably didn’t even know he had the car amongst his huge collection, the current owner adores it. So if you’re looking at buying your first Jaguar – an XJ40, maybe, after reading our extensive buying guide on p60 or something similar to one of our two XJ cover cars – then you won’t just be buying a car but a friend for life. I just hope yours will be more faithful than mine.