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1950 Ducati Cucciolo

1950 Ducati Cucciolo Ducati is one of the most famous and valuable motorcycle brands in the world, but it wasn’t always thus. Established in Bologna, Italy, in 1926 by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his sons Adriano, Marcello and Bruno, Societа Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati manufactured a range of vacuum tubes and other radio components until the factory was flattened by US bombers in October, 1944.More

Marcus Lord`s 1978 Toyota Corolla Levin TE37 (Replica)

Marcus Lord`s 1978 Toyota Corolla Levin TE37 (Replica) As a holistic ‘car scene’, we’ve become so wrapped up in slapping labels on everything: it’s a sleeper; it’s a restomod; it’s stanced; and so on it goes. There’s a box to fit every taste, every style. There is one train of thought, however, that transcends any tag clipped onto a build in an attempt to explain it. Coolness. It’s inexplicable, totally subjective, and invites further scrutiny, with an endgame aimed at enriching one’s own automotive experience.More

Stuart Pankhurst 1976 XB Ford Falcon Hardtop

Stuart Pankhurst 1976 XB Ford Falcon Hardtop Like many car builds here, the first step was taken via a local online auction site. From what he saw, Stuart Pankhurst thought he’d found the perfect muscle car. The big Aussie coupe was just what he was looking for, from the ‘sawn-off’ front to the curved and voluptuous rear flanks, it ticked all the right boxes for the Christchurch local. A bid was made and soon after the ’76 XB Falcon Hardtop was his.More

Steve Bartie`s 1994 Holden VR Commodore SS

Steve Bartie`s 1994 Holden VR Commodore SS It isn’t often we’ll feature a plastic-bumper ’90s taxi, so when we do you know it’s going to be something special. They’re not yet old enough for the nostalgia of being a classic, and not modern enough to be new and exciting. Everything is just a little too familiar, and in the world of modifying cars familiarity is boring. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, and here’s one.More

Deidre Mckinley`s 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback ‘Alenor’

Deidre Mckinley`s 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback ‘Alenor’ This profession — automotive media, that is — is always full of surprises. Sometimes they’re good surprises and other times, well, it can be a bit of a shitshow. You might get an assignment to shoot a car or event, then when you turn up, before you’ve even pulled out the camera gear, you realize that it’s going to be a complete bust.More

Matt Elliot`s 1979 Chevrolet C10

Matt Elliot`s 1979 Chevrolet C10 While you could call it a comeback, that would really be underselling the extent of the work that’s gone into Matt Elliott’s jaw-dropping ’79 C10 since it last graced these pages. Sure, it’s still the same vehicle that wowed people a decade ago, but in reality there’s very little left of it in the guise in which it graced the cover of NZV8 back in 2010. While Matt never intended the rebuild to take as long as it did, plenty of good has come of the situation.More

Greg Burrus' 1989 Japanese-spec Rover Mini

Greg Burrus' 1989 Japanese-spec Rover Mini The earliest I remember having an interest in cars was 1978. We were living just outside of Detroit, USA, as my father worked for General Motors. From my view in the back seat of my parents’ 1975 Chevrolet Vega wagon I saw all the shiny new vehicles driving around town. The 1978 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car was my favourite to spot and it was those early years in Michigan that cemented my affinity with cars.More

Nigel Wakeford`s Modified 1980 Mini 1000

Nigel Wakeford`s Modified 1980 Mini 1000 Long-term Mini fan Shaun Stephenson bought a oneowner 1980 Mini in April 2014 as the basis of a modification project. The Pageant Blue Mini, which was originally destined for Ireland but instead went to the island of Jersey, returned to the British mainland in 1998. Incredibly, it was in very good condition. “I missed out on buying it on eBay and then saw it advertised in the local paper, which was a real bonus,” recalls Shaun.More

1964 MG ‘Farina’ MAGNETTE MkIV

1964 MG ‘Farina’ MAGNETTE MkIV The MkIII (ADO9) and MkIV (ADO38) Magnettes were not exactly to stalwart MG fans’ tastes when launched in 1959. Even with in-vogue continental styling, courtesy of Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, the mechanical specification and awkward handling did not appeal to all. They were clearly a huge departure from popular predecessors, the ‘pure-blood’ ZA and ZB Magnette MG-badged car to be produced outside Abingdon in three decades.More


MGB GT V8 Mike Authers is known for his business, Mike Authers Classics, specialising in MG Midgets and other BMCderived classics. A good friend and part of his team, Geoff Clark, used to be employed in the BMC Development Department in Abingdon and lived near fellow Works engineer Cliff Humphries, well known for his involvement withthe Works 6R4 and earlier BMC projects. Cliff gave Geoff a lift to work at the Abingdon factory for over 15 years.More

1983 MG Metro

1983 MG Metro Back in 1983, the Metro was beating the likes of the Ford Fiesta in UK supermini sales. It proved to be the model’s best year for production, with 180,763 of them leaving the Longbridge production plant, and it was Britain’s best-selling car during February that year.More

Modified 1972 BMC Moke Californian

Modified 1972 BMC Moke Californian The Moke has always been one of the most versatile vehicles for adaptation, having the modular design of the Mini combined with about the most basic chassis available. Over time we have seen Mokes converted to fire engines, TV camera platforms, pick-ups, tippers, postal vans, 4WD, military use and much more. The pictured Moke is possibly the first to be converted as a fully-equipped ambulance.More

James Griffiths` 1974 Mini 1275 GT

James Griffiths` 1974 Mini 1275 GT “My first car was a little Mini 1000, when I was 17,” explains James Griffiths, quite-rightly proud that he has owned Minis ever since. “The first one my brother bought for me just before I was going to university. I did the spanners on it and I’ve always had them since then. Initially a Mini was all I could afford to run and then I sort of fell in love with their clever design and ease of repair. Then I discovered you could make them go faster!More

Drag racing weekend: Mark Stewart`s 1975 Holden LH Torana

Drag racing weekend: Mark Stewart`s 1975 Holden LH Torana The one award all entrants seem to value above any other is the Spirit Of Drag Challenge, a nod to the person who went above and beyond during Australia’s hardest street-car test. For DCW this year, the winner was Mark Stewart, who did a Trimatic-to-Powerglide gearbox conversion for his LH Torana in the car park of his motel at the end of Day One, after the Traumatic had once again let him down. “It has had plenty of rebuilds, so that was it,” said Mark on Day Two.More

Drag racing weekend: Rob Huston 1973 Dodge D5N

Drag racing weekend: Rob Huston 1973 Dodge D5N Rob Huston’s gorgeous 1975 Dodge D5N pick-up is known as Jigsaw, and he has plenty to put back together after the beautiful, turbocharged 355ci Holden-powered commercial spectacularly ejected its trans in the top end of Willowbank on Day One. Rob and wife Kylie’s Drag Challenge Weekend experience had been a Barry Crocker from the start, with Rob cooking his tow car and losing his phone on the way down to the event from Townsville.More
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