New 2021 MG SUV CONCEPT and new MG5 SALOON shown at Beijing

New 2021 MG SUV CONCEPT and new MG5 SALOON shown at Beijing

The much-delayed Beijing Motor Show in September saw the unveiling of a new model clearly based on the current MG HS but with substantial changes to the exterior.

Also unveiled in China, just days before the start of the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, was the new MG5 sedan (saloon), which does have a resemblance to a Hyundai overall. We think the design is quite striking in the vibrant yellow and black windows, and what must be one of the biggest bonnet octagon badges in SAIC’s era. The engines are less impressive than the looks: a 120hp 1.5 and a 173hp 1.5 turbo. The MG5 had its public début at the 2020 Beijing Motor Show from 26 September and it will launch on the Chinese car market later this autumn.

These photos are from our contacts at SAIC Design; there’s no news yet about whether or not we will be seeing the MG5 sedan in UK showrooms.

It has been dubbed the ‘Linghang’ or ‘Pilot’ but it is as yet unclear as to whether this vehicle is intended to replace the MG HS or sit above it as a brand new model.

Also at Beijing was the latest MG saloon offering in the form of a new MG5, which is effectively a re-skinned version of the old MG GT fastback saloon. It shares the new front-end styling of the ‘Linghang’ HS model above. Export potential is unknown. 

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