Bentley engine progress - Bentley Mulliner’s ‘Blower’ Continuation

Bentley engine progress - Bentley Mulliner’s ‘Blower’ Continuation

The engine for the inaugural car in Bentley Mulliner’s ‘Blower’ Continuation Series has been fired up for the first time on a dedicated and specially-prepared testbed at Crewe. This twelve-car run recreates one of the most famous Bentleys of all time – the supercharged 4 1⁄2-Litre ‘Blower’. Forming the world’s first pre-war continuation series, all twelve examples have now been pre-sold to Bentley collectors and enthusiasts.


With the engineering prototype for the project – Car Zero – now in build, the first engine has been recreated by Bentley Mulliner with the expert support of specialists. While the engine was being built, a team of Bentley engineers began work preparing one of the four engine development testbeds to receive the engine. The test facility has been at Bentley since the factory was built in 1938, and the cells were originally used to run-in and power-test Merlin V12 aero engines produced for the Spitfire and Hurricane fighters of the Second World War.

Preparing the test bed involved making a replica ‘Blower’ front chassis to hold the engine, which could then be mounted to the computer-controlled engine dynamometer. A new software version to measure and control the engine was written and tested, allowing Bentley’s engineers to monitor and run the engine to precise parameters.

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