Scholl Concepts S2 Black

BMW M3 F80

Scholl Concepts S2 Black

If you’re looking for a polishing compound that will take out even heavy paint imperfections effortlessly and leave behind a stunning finish, then look no further than S2 Black from Scholl Concepts. 

This high -performance cutting compound has been specifically developed for the detailer.

Designed for application on used and weathered paint surfaces, thanks to its outstanding and extreme cut, as well as its superior highgloss features, Scholl Concepts S2 Black knocks out even the deepest and most severe paint imperfections in seconds. It features outstanding cutting performance with a low-dust formulation, an excellent gloss level, is VOC-free, uses an easy clean formulation and can be used with both rotary and random orbital polishing machines. To coincide with the launch, a Limited Edition S2 Black Set has been released, which includes a 500ml bottle of S2 Black, Red and Blue 140mm Ninja cutting and finishing pads and a special edition microfibre cloth.

Price: Scholl Concepts S2 Black 500ml £25.50, S2 Black Limited

Edition set £42


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