Triking Type 1 Returns

Triking Type 1 Returns

Customer demand has led to the re-introduction of the Triking Type 1, a model first introduced at the company’s inception in 1977 and which was discontinued around 15 years ago. Two customers independently requested the original model from Triking’s back catalogue, so now tooling has been created to offer it alongside the current Type 3.

The first of the new Type 1s, pictured here, was requested by a customer who preferred its Lotus inspired sheet metal chassis construction to the spaceframe of later cars, while the second customer was keen to recreate the Type 1 he owned years ago.

The first ‘new’ Type 1 was created on a one-off basis, but when the second was ordered Triking boss Alan Layzell used the lockdown period to create tooling to properly productionise the car for its official re-introduction. As well as offering a Type 1 that’s utterly faithful to the original, the company can also offer a version that incorporates some of the strength and weight-saving advantages of later spaceframe Triking models. Engine options for the Type 1 are more limited than they are for the Type 3. Less space in the chassis means that only ‘standard sump’ Moto-Guzzi engines can be fitted.

In the late ’80s, Moto-Guzzi started using deeper sumps and incorporating oil coolers, which made the bottom end of the engines bulkier, and its only engines produced before this change the fit the Type 1. The current Type 3 (and the Type 2 that preceded it) addressed that to allow more modern engines to be fitted.

There will be a price advantage in the Type 1 since the rivetted-on aluminium side panels are cheaper to produce than the Type 3’s all-GRP bodywork. The flip side is that it leaves the builder with more work to do – it’s estimated that it creates an extra 30 to 50 hours’ work. Tony Divey, the late Triking founder and former Lotus engineer, preferred to sell cars in fully built form, so almost all period Type 1s were factory built with very few kits sold. Today, the split is around 65 percent in favour of self-builds, and the re-introduced Type 1 will be sold in both kit and turnkey forms. Pricing for both options is to be confirmed. W: 

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