Mini sport against Corona

Mini sport against Corona

New PPE screens for the healthcare industry

One of the most vital tools in the battle against this virus has been the use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). It is now widely recommended and even essential in some cases for businesses to be operational again. Mini Sport is world renowned for their design and engineering prowess.

An external team wanting to produce protective screens for the healthcare sector approached Mini Sport, wanting to produce a more suitable, cost-effective and robust solution than those previously available. The team, together with Mini Sport’s Engineering Director Daniel Harper came up with the solution to separate healthcare staff from patients, creating a moveable barrier screen. These PPE screens have been rolled out in many other environments, including office environments, allowing yet more businesses to return to work.

This PPE has been approved for use by the government suppliers to the NHS and is now being used in NHS departments where consultations are needed, not just being supplied in this country but worldwide. The next step with this PPE is looking at modifying the designs to be used for children returning to school in September, along with dentistry, physiotherapy and surgeries to help get the Country back on its feet. If you’re interested in utilising this PPE for yourself or your business, contact Mini Sport on 01282 77873 or 

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