Kimera Automobili EV037: Reborn Lancia Rally 037

Kimera Automobili EV037: Reborn Lancia Rally 037

A new car that draws on the legend of Lancia’s Rally 037 racer is to be launched in 2021. The EV037 by Kimera Automobili keeps the profile of the 037 but adds styling elements evoking other rallying Lancias, such as Delta integrale Evo-inspired wheelarch flares and wheels.

“This is not a restomod,” a Kimera spokesman told Auto Italia. “It’s the car that Lancia would be making today if had kept going with the 037. It’s a modern car that respects the legacy of the Rally 037.”

Part of the business of Kimera Automobili, founded by rally driver Luca Betti, is renovating Delta S4s and Rally 037s, the latter the last two-wheel drive car to win the world rally title.

Kimera’s new EV037 has a mechanical specification that, “remains faithful to the traditional concepts of the 037, Delta S4… and Delta Evoluzione”. Engineer Claudio Lombardi, the inventor of the S4 ‘Triflux’ engine, has been involved with a new powerplant. This keeps the original four- cylinder twin-cam format but adopts the S4 concept of adding both a turbocharger and a supercharger, although the supercharger will now be electric-driven, not belt-driven as it was on the S4. A power output of at least 550hp is promised.

The gearbox choice is either manual or sequential automatic, although so far all orders have been for the manual version. The total weight of the car is 950kg and while it’s clearly a hardcore prospect, it’s also designed for “daily use”, says Kimera.

The dynamic launch for the Kimera EV037 will be at Goodwood FoS in July 2021, then it will appear at the Passione Engadina rally with drivers Miki Biasion and Luca Betti. Only 37 examples are to be made, priced at 480,000 euros each. Eight cars have been sold already, the first five being special tributes to rally drivers who have a connection with the 037. Following this initial run, a further 10 ‘integrale’ examples will be made with four-wheel drive.

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