Porsche advances development of climate-neutral eFuels

Porsche advances development of climate-neutral eFuels

Key development with Siemens Energy sees construction of world’s first eFuels plan

Porsche has announced an exciting new project with Siemens Energy and a host of other international companies in the development of synthetic eFuels fit for its sports cars with combustion engines.

Zuffenhausen says that the pilot project is expected to yield the world’s first integrated, commercial, industrial-scale plant for making climate-neutral eFuels, and is seen as a huge, positive step in protecting the life of its traditional sports cars – including the 911 – amid a government-led drive to force electric-powered vehicles onto the global agenda.

The eFuels plant will be based in Chile, strategically chosen for its excellent climate conditions for wind power, which will be used to create renewable methanol that can be converted into climate-friendly fuel. Porsche will be the primary customer for the green fuel, which it says will be of benefit first to its Motorsport cars (a perennial proving ground for technologies before they are rolled out onto road cars), then Experience Centre fleets, before a natural ascension to series production sports cars such as the 911. Around 130,000 litres of eFuel will be produced by 2022, with around 550 million litres available by 2026. Oliver Blume, CEO at Porsche, says of the development: “Electromobility is a top priority at Porsche. eFuels for cars are a worthwhile complement to that – if they’re produced in parts of the world where a surplus of sustainable energy is available. They are an additional element on the road to decarbonisation. Their advantages lie in their ease of application: eFuels can be used in combustion engines and plug-in hybrids, and can make use of the existing network of filling stations. By using them, we can make a further contribution toward protecting the climate.

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