Jag’s digital racing distraction

Jag’s digital racing distraction

A bit skint? Design for games instead


With JLR’s finances in the doldrums, the newly-centralised design team have turned their attention to crafting cars for Gran Turismo. First came the Vision GT Coupe and now this: the Vision GT SV.

So, it’s not real?

There is a physical model of it but, in its current form, it’s not going beyond that in the real world. Instead, it’ll be a playable car in the Gran Turismo racing game franchise in 2021. Jaguar does, however, say it’s a design study for what an electric endurance racer would look like, with a rakish profile and massive, adjustable rear wing inspired by the XJR-14 racer from the early ’90s.

What powers it?

A PlayStation. But, if we weren’t being so obtuse, Jaguar says there are four e-motors (one on each wheel) with a total of 1877bhp and 2478lb ft. Simulations show that it’ll do 0-60mph in 1.65sec and top out at 255mph. Due to the slick aero at play, it can generate 483kg of downforce at 200mph, too.

But I want to touch it!

Well, you can’t. But Jaguar Racing’s Formula E team (one of the few OEM teams still in the sport – see pages 8-13) can touch bits of it. A new material called ‘Type-Fibre’, derived from sustainable sources, is used for the GT SV’s upholstery. Billed as a lighter alternative to leather, it’s being tested on the Formula E car’s seats, and could become an option on road cars.

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