1978 Healey Fiesta

1978 Healey Fiesta

POA from Classicmobilia, Buckinghamshire, UK

THE MARKET / Showroom Stars

It’s hard to imagine a world without sporty Fiestas these days. You can hardly go two minutes without seeing a new ST, while generations of enthusiasts have grown up with XR2 and RS Turbos. Every one of those warmed-up and high-performance variants can trace its roots back to this, the one-off Healey Fiesta show car.

It dates to 1978, when Ford’s US team was looking to raise the Fiesta’s profile with a sporting concept. Marketing man Gary Kohs was behind the project, and convinced Ford to outsource the project to Healey Automobile Consultants Limited, based in the UK. Donald and Geoff Healey were both involved, and set about modifying the US-spec Fiesta.

The first thing they did was rip out the restrictive emissions control set-up, and let Broadspeed loose on the federalised 1.6-litre Kent engine. Thanks to a new camshaft, head work, exhaust and a twin-choke Weber, power was increased from 66bhp to 105bhp. Suspension and brakes were upgraded to match, while the interior was stripped out – including the removal of the rear seats to make way for a roll-bar.

Wolfrace front seats, some new auxiliary gauges and a sportier steering wheel completed the package. Because this was to be a show car, it needed to look striking. Healey fitted a set of wide 13-inch Minilite wheels, housed within flared wheelarches. There’s a deep front spoiler, too. It’s painted in Jaguar British Racing Green, with eye-popping yellow pinstriping, while Healey badges are scattered throughout. This is a unique and well-preserved piece of history, which will appeal both to Ford enthusiasts and those interested in the Healey connection. 

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