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Buy a Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG C208 and find out
Easy Steps to Buying a Mercedes CLK AMG Buy with wisdom to access understated brawn while avoiding four-figure bills Words Richard Mason Photography Savoire Faire. Buying Guide Sensible supercar? Buy a Mercedes-Benz CLK AMG C208 and find out With a decent spares supply and numerous independent Mercedes garages, these are viable daily drivers’What to pay 1 £4.More
Adam has been a reader of Classic American for many years and with each passing issue, the itch of getting his own American classic got harder to ignore. About a year ago he opened the magazine to find an advert for the Historics car auction at Brooklands, which included the most awesome-looking orange 1972 Buick Riviera as the main feature. He says he actually said “wow” out loud!More
1966 Jaguar E-type open two-seater
Jim takes the open E-type for a blast through Essex to the Museum of Power while Bilko gets stuck into the fixedhead E-type Hindsight can be an embarrassing thing. At the start of the pandemic I rather glibly quoted that as we would not be able to drive to Italy, we would simply divert to Portugal instead. Like many, I had completely misjudged the situation and how different our world would become.More
Buick Y-Job 1938
Harley Earl, the creator of the Buick Y-Job, started off his career building custom bodies for Hollywood stars in California. Eventually he came to the attention of the bosses at GM and was spirited to Detroit where his first claim to fame was designing the 1927 LaSalle and going on to run the Art and Color section as director. This eventually became the Styling Section around the same time he was promoted to vice president.More
The Group A Jaguar XJ-S wins its final major race, Bathurst, 1985
Just one year after TWR’s Tom Walkinshaw won the European Touring Car Championship with the XJ-S, the car’s racing career was practically over; for the 1985 season, TWR would concentrate on the Rover Vitesse as well as taking over Jaguar’s World Sportscar Championship effort from the American team, Group 44. But, the big V12 coupe did enjoy one last significant victory before it was put out to pasture – the 1985 Bathurst 1000.More
Thierry Bolloré
Thierry Bolloré is a name you will hear a bit more of if you follow the fortunes of Jaguar Land Rover. As of 10 September 2020, he became the company’s new CEO, replacing Sir Ralf Speth, who, at 65, has been elevated to executive chairman after running the business – for the most part very effectively – for ten years. Frenchman Bolloré was previously the boss of Renault, having joined the board of the French giant in 2012.More
Limited Edition 2021 Jaguar E-type Exclusive
Jaguar Classic is to create six matching pairs of E-types to celebrate the sports car’s 60th anniversary in 2021 Called the E-type 60 Collection, each pair of cars pays tribute to two of the oldest and most famous Jaguar E-types of all: 9600 HP and 77 RW, cars that played pivotal roles in the E-type’s world debut in Geneva, Switzerland, in March 1961. The Opalescent Gunmetal Grey 3.More
End of sedans?
Lincoln MKZ We’ve known for a while that the Lincoln MKZ wasn’t long for this world, but it doesn’t make the model’s discontinuation anything less than bittersweet. The last day of MKZ production at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant was July 31, as was the case with its platform mate, the Ford Fusion.More
BMW M10 / M30 camshaft and valvegear
Andrew Everett looks at how to replace the camshaft and valvegear on BMW’s M10 and M30 engines... It’s just over 57-years since the four-cylinder BMW M10 engine went into production, and 51-years since we first saw the six-cylinder version, the M30. Both are good engines even if the cam lubrication set up was a bit flawed. When it worked it was fine, but often it didn’t due to inadequate maintenance – these engines are not quite the bulletproof gems they’re often made out to be.More
Buying a top S-Series, TVR’s biggest bargain
The model that kicked off the Blackpool marque’s best years is an affordable great British sports car. Words Malcolm Mckay. Photography James Mann. TVR boss Peter Wheeler realised that the wedge shape of the ’80s was dating fast, and wanted to revert to the Blackpool marque’s traditional curves. The S harked back to the 3000S of the 1970s, but shared nothing more than its doorhandles and general style – it was both longer and wider, with an all-new body and backbone chassis.More
1965 Pininfarina MGB EX234
Pininfarina designed this graceful MGB replacement in 1964 but instead the old ‘b’ lasted for almost two more decades. Story by Chris Rees. Images by Bonhams. Pininfarina was once the darling of the British Motor Corporation. As part of a general rush by the British car industry to Italian designers in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Austin had signed a lucrative contract with Battista Farina to create a whole string of new cars, from the A40 to the A55, and the 1100/1300 to the 1800/2200.More
Ultimate Guide BMW E36
With four body styles to choose from the ‘non-M’ E36 models are gaining a cult following and have much to offer – buy now before it’s too late... Words: Bob Harper. Photography: Various. The “vanilla” BMW E36 is quickly gaining a cult following...More
Tuned 357bhp Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5
The Mk5 GTI was a great car as standard, if not a little bit bland. Thankfully, Neil Montgomery has made his Reflex silver example ‘slightly’ more easy on the eye… Words: Si McNally. Photos: Si Gray. RAD GTI DREAM MAKER  Lairy Tuned 357bhp Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5 gets full-on custom makeover!More
Selling Dodges
Marketing a car successfully is integral to its sales success and no one pioneered this art more successfully than Dodge, Chrysler's middle-market brand. Ben Klemenzson takes a look back through the Archives of the brand's press ads and uncovers some real jewels... Founded in 1900 as the Dodge Brothers Company to supply parts and assemblies for Detroit's growing auto industry, Dodge began making its own complete vehicles in 1914.More
1907 Christie V4
Richard reveals the remarkable story of Barney Oldfield and his unusual front-wheel-drive, 2 0-litre-engine race car, the KiIler... We enter this world in uniform fashion. The means of egress, on the other hand, are infinite. Motor racing's original fame-chasing self-publicist, Barney Oldfield, did his best to duck out of the gene pool every time he drove his front-wheel-drive Christie V4 at the turn of the last century.More
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