Elective Electrics Karmann Ghia EV

Elective Electrics Karmann Ghia EV

First thing about EV conversions is if someone wants to modify them, it’s 100% up to them as it’s theirs...for example, Karmann Ghia EV to avoid the congestion charge anyone?

But as a wider question in my opinion it depends on what the car’s character is defined by – for example a Karmann Ghia is a lovely looking thing, but it’s not defined by the engine so an EV Ghia would retain the essential character of the car. An EV imp would be a rubbish idea though, just like an Imp with a ploddy engine would be rubbish. Most EV Imps would be quicker than a 65bhp 928cc imp, but would it make two grown men giggle like kids round back roads at 6000 rpm and only 40 mph?

I think we miss the older cars because they have more character, but we're less used to accepting the hassle now. My RX-8 had an oil pressure needle, but it was actually digital and read bang on the middle or faulty – they did try a real one but consumer testing found people worried too much as it moved about. So my gut feel is that as old parts become scarcer and emissions regulations tighten (even though many will only do a few 100 miles a year) we will see more EV classics as they look great but are more reliable and sanitised.

I just hope the ones defined by their
engine aren’t converted and keep their smells, clatters, pops, grumbles and roars.

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Good point, Jon. A Karman Ghia with an electric motor would be a vast improvement. Then again, a modern motor is going to outperform just about anything – which I think is where I’m coming from. Dodgy ground here, as obviously I’m all for fitting modern engines into old cars, just not electric ones. Anyway – as you say – each to his own. Mine’s a gallon of unleaded