Ugly Cars and EVs

Ugly Cars and EVs

REGARDING PPC’S TOP Ten Ugliest Cars (Aug issue), this will always initiate a heated but what about the following?

Chryslers PT Cruiser – Why? Why? Why? I see it did get a mention but not given central stage or at least a place in the 10. I saw a blinged up version the other day and it nearly bought me to tears. And then there’s the convertible.....

Ford Probe – if only for those three spoke alloys (pet hate of mine). Pop up lights (always cool) but not enough to redeem that terrible rear end.

Ford Scorpio Saloon (1994-1998ish) – such a sad car face and that rear end looks like they stole it off the back of an abandoned American sedan project and thought ‘it looks cool man let’s gift it to the Brits!’

Ford Scorpio Estate – as in above, BUT they were so lazy that they just grafted the previous model Sierra/Granada estate’s rear on to the shocking front end. So out dated, lazy design that was about as integrated as a mismatched gentleman’s jacket and trousers; and Rover City Car – a rebadged Indian import known there as the Tata Indica – some things should just be left alone and are best forgotten.

Regarding electric cars; since lockdown ended I’ve met up on a fair few Sunday mornings bright and early with some of the people that belong to the Southern Kit Car Club. I've averaged nearly 200 miles per run including getting to and from the start and breakfast respectively. It got me thinking about a Westfield 11 that is all over oneof the kit specific magazines. A really classicly good looking car and very well

put together by the looks of it, with a neat electric installation (which is now the chap's business and youcanbuyapackage and do the same).

The owner announced that it has a range of ‘around 140 miles’ but he doesn’t mention how spirited a drive it was and that it then takes ‘around nine hours’ to recharge. So even though the range is about the same as my Westfield he can’t carry a spare two litres in the boot or stop, fill up, and be back on the road. So the range anxiety they claim isn't a problem, really would be for anyone that wants to drive their car rather than just popping out every now and then. You couldn't do a tour or road trip – unless they were very short days.

The other issue with EV’s is the NIMBY attitude to pollution and environmental impact. Those batteries were made somewhere and will need replacing and disposing of in a handfull of years. Same for the entire car thinking about it. And quite where do you think the electricity comes from? I doubt very much it’s from fully renewable energy. The pollution just gets dumped somewhere else in some other poor unfortunate buggers backyard who probably has very little say in the matter. 

Ford Probe. Doesn't look half bad, does it?

Driver Car

The environmental impact of producing batteries is often ignored, Chris. And that production can involve children and no regard for health and safety. It's not an argument against EVs persay, but it is an area where the EV industry needs to get its moral act together.