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Hyundai i20N and IONIQ 5

Hyundai i20N and IONIQ 5 The yin and the yang. With newcomers as diverse as a screechy-tyred hot hatch and an EV that looks like a concept car, Hyundai has declared war on dull ‘When you get to a fork in the road, take it.More

2022 Peugeot e-208 GT road trip

2022 Peugeot e-208 GT road trip Wild weather and hundreds of miles cross-country – the first leg of our trip throws Peugeot’s electric 208 in at the deep end At least ours isn’t a return trip. Sat-nav lists charge points. Apps trigger charging ELECTRIC STORM Land’s End – the end of the road is the start of our journey A storm is brewing. Perhaps it’s a sign. No, it’s definitely a sign. THE sign. The famous Land’s End sign recognisable from a million family photo albums and charity walk/ride/crawl snaps.More

2022 Jaguar XJ Electric

2022 Jaguar XJ Electric Difficult second (electric) album. Jaguar’s i-Pace was a shockingly good electric debut; now for the saloon follow-up. It remains impressive that the first premium European car maker to pop out a Tesla rival wasn’t BMW, Audi or Mercedes but Jaguar – and the i-Pace is still the best of the bunch to drive.More

Paint protection and sealant

Paint protection and sealant If you find yourself looking at a product that seems to have hundreds of competing suppliers, all advertising heavily, then you can be sure that the profit margins are high, as they are with car paint protection products. As a buyer, it's easy to become confused, and therefore quite vulnerable.More

Just how clean are electric cars?

Just how clean are electric cars? That’s the question a recent report commissioned by a number of car makers and component suppliers purported to investigate. It came up with an answer that could broadly be summarised as “not as clean as you thought”. It wasn’t long before the whole thing became mired in controversy, and the boss of one of the sponsors, Aston Martin, quickly distanced himself from the report. “…a decade-old Nissan Leaf is greener now than it was the day it left the showroom.More

Does hot and cold affect EVs?

Does hot and cold affect EVs? If you’ve been avidly reading our reviews for electric cars, you may have noticed the reported real world range we often achieve from a full-charge is significantly lower than the official WLTP number. There can be a number of reasons for this, such as driving style, which driving mode is selected, and the types of roads you drive along. Unlike diesel engines, an electric powertrain is most efficient around town, while motorway runs really zap battery life.More

Pleasing planet Earth

Pleasing planet Earth Perhaps it's rather too fashionable to moan about motoring today, its costs and its annoyances, and maybe some of it is a result of the present circumstances, without mentioning the dreaded C-word. But it's difficult not to feel hard done by at times, and one of those instances came up recently when it was time to renew the road tax (Sorry, Vehicle Excise Duty!) on my wife's splendid 2003 registered BMW 318i automatic.More