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1941 Ford V8 Super Deluxe Coupe

1941 Ford V8 Super Deluxe Coupe Ford Coupe American Beauty - “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” — Henry Ford. Feature: 1941 Ford V8 Super Deluxe Coupe Ford was on a roll in the mid-1930s, despite the Depression years. His cars were selling well and his new ‘flattie’ V8 was setting the standards for performance, reliability, and smoothness.More

My favourite movie car 1988 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary edition

My favourite movie car 1988 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary edition The 1980s: a decade defined by excess. Martin Scorsese’s film The Wolf of Wall Street encapsulates this era to a T. Based on infamous stockbroker Jordan Belfort’s (played by Leonardo Di Caprio) memoir of the same name, most of the events portrayed in this Oscar-nominated movie did take place … Unbelievable, yes, but true.More

1971 Aston Martin DBS V8

1971 Aston Martin DBS V8 Martyn Jagusch didn’t intend to carry out a ground-up restoration on his 1971 Aston Martin DBS V8. Yet one glance at the car’s pristine condition shows he definitely changed his mind — or had it changed for him, which is nearer the truth. GENTLEMAN’S EXPRESS ASTON MARTIN DBS V8 BRUTE IN A SUIT The Aston Martin DBS V8 is a handsome car that only looks better with age.More

Gene Felton 1936-2020

Gene Felton 1936-2020 Steve Havelock looks back on the life of American racing driver Gene Felton… We are sad to report the passing of gifted American racing driver and race car restorer Gene Felton at the age of 84. Gene was a regular at the Goodwood Festival of Speed between 2003 and 2009, thundering up the hill in his NASCARs, which included his ex-Dale Earnhardt 1977 ‘Goodwrench’ Chevy Nova and David Pearson’s 1975 ‘Purolator’ Ford Torino.More

1959 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman

1959 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman This absolute dream of a drive that’s travelled three times across the Atlantic proved to Mark Spaulding that his DeSoto is definitely a ‘keeper’… This 1959 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman represents the pinnacle of Mark Spaulding’s car-owning life, and his taste in cars is by no means narrow. Mark ended up with it after a kind of process of elimination, during which many other cars were bought, but eventually sold on again.More

Modified 1972 BMC Moke Californian

Modified 1972 BMC Moke Californian The Moke has always been one of the most versatile vehicles for adaptation, having the modular design of the Mini combined with about the most basic chassis available. Over time we have seen Mokes converted to fire engines, TV camera platforms, pick-ups, tippers, postal vans, 4WD, military use and much more. The pictured Moke is possibly the first to be converted as a fully-equipped ambulance.More

1989 Jaguar XJ12 Series 3

1989 Jaguar XJ12 Series 3 To help celebrate the V12 engine’s 50th anniversary, we pay tribute to the highly successful Series III XJ12 and get to experience a particularly fine late-model survivor.More

Jaguar XK120 development

Jaguar XK120 development Making its show debut in 1948, the XK120 was never intended for full-scale production – but public demand forced a change of heart, leading to a post-war success story like no other.More

Fifty years of the Jaguar V12

Fifty years of the Jaguar V12 As 2021 marks half a century of the Jaguar V12, an engine that brought effortless refinement and a brace of Le Mans wins, Richard Gunn pays tribute to the famous powerplant Jaguar’s XK is rightfully applauded as one of the greatest British engines of all time, a unit that powered a plethora of wonderful Jaguars, Daimlers, military machines and various specialist models from the late ’40s right through to 1992.More

1968 Ford Falcon GT KAG003

1968 Ford Falcon GT KAG003 I’ve just received my issue 447 in the mail and came across the London-to-Sydney article featuring the old Ford KAG 003. Whilst the car is best known for its 1968 London to Sydney performance it also started in the 1979 Repco Round Australia Trial with three intrepid entrants from Alice Springs, including yours truly. Graeme, the then car owner, asked two of us from the Alice Springs rallying fraternity to join him on the event.More

Vale John Harvey - 21 February 1938 – 5 December 2020

Vale John Harvey - 21 February 1938 – 5 December 2020 With the recent passing of John Harvey OAM, aged 82, the Australian motorsport pantheon lost one of its greats, not that the humble Harvey would ever have referred to himself as one. While he was a prodigious talent, Harvey was not a grandstander, rather he was a reliable and professional team player in a tough, competitive sport that has little room for pretenders and also-rans.More

1977 Alfa Romeo Ten Twenty Special

1977 Alfa Romeo Ten Twenty Special Italian carrozzerie are, if not quite ten a penny, far more common than design houses in any other country. In Britain, we have had a few coachbuilders like Hooper and Abbott, but pure styling companies are rare. Only a handful of British names attempted to compete with Bertone and Pininfarina – including Ogle, William Towns, IAD and... Chris Humberstone.More

1957 Mitsubishi Colt

1957 Mitsubishi Colt Robust little rally warrior that introduced the Mitsu brand to Australia RETRO SERIES Finding a Colt following “You’ll never see Japanese cars in an RSL car park,” declared Ford Australia managing director Bill Bourke, not long off the plane from Detroit in 1965. Easy to laugh now, but memories were still fresh of WW2 and its delivery to our doorstep by Zero fighters bombing Darwin.More

Warts and all Rover 800

Warts and all Rover 800 Very early in my career, as a junior reporter on a local newspaper, I was lectured by my then news editor about precisely who I served. My responsibility, he said sternly, was to honestly inform my readers, while writing skillfully enough to please my newspaper bosses – principally him! – and not to concern myself with anything else. Advertisers were there to pay the bills, not to dictate the copy. Honest journalism was what kept the publication afloat, and good timing was vital.More

1995 Ferrari F355 F1 Berlinetta

1995 Ferrari F355 F1 Berlinetta Grab the steering wheel of almost any car with an automatic gearbox and there’s a fair chance your fingers will meet with a brace of blades adorned with + and – markings. The paddle shifter has transcended its original application in F1 cars and found its way into everything from underpowered crossovers and hatchbacks with CVTs to SUVs.More
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