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2006 BMW 630i E63
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2008 BMW 650i E63



1 year ago

We should be in the middle of summer show season right now. Usually, our weekends at this time of year are dominated by shows and events dotted all over the country, but alas the coronavirus situation has changed all of that. But not totally. There are ways to still have car shows and remain safe. And I’m pleased to say that we’ve even got a ‘showreport’ in this very issue!

The ‘show’ in question was actually a private event, but it does demonstrate that fans can still get out and enjoy their cars while adhering to government advice about the current pandemic. And, with things slowly starting to return to normal elsewhere in society, perhaps we will yet salvage something from the 2020 show season? Fingers crossed, hey?

But if you are still stuck at home at the weekends, don’t despair. We’ve got plenty of really cool content coming up in this and future issues to keep you entertained and keep the fast Ford fire burning within. To kick-start things, look no further than the stunning Escort Cosworth from the cover of this issue. Sometimes it’s great to look outside of our usual circles and see what others are up to, and this German Cossie, taking influences from the ‘clubsport’ trend sweeping through other cultures, can definitely teach us a thing or two.

But most of all, modifying a fast Ford is all about personal tastes and individual expression. So you’ll find that cars like Jeff and Clare Fox’s road and track Focus STs, Steven Vincent’s stealthy ST200, Wayne O’Sullivan’s retro-inspired RS Turbo, and even Shaun Parker’s ‘Wildcard’ Mustang elsewhere in the mag, have all been built to reflect their unique personalities. And that’s what makes being part of the fast Ford family so great! Enjoy the mag! 

1 year ago
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