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1966 Jaguar E-type open two-seater
Jim takes the open E-type for a blast through Essex to the Museum of Power while Bilko gets stuck into the fixedhead E-type Hindsight can be an embarrassing thing. At the start of the pandemic I rather glibly quoted that as we would not be able to drive to Italy, we would simply divert to Portugal instead. Like many, I had completely misjudged the situation and how different our world would become.More
The Group A Jaguar XJ-S wins its final major race, Bathurst, 1985
Just one year after TWR’s Tom Walkinshaw won the European Touring Car Championship with the XJ-S, the car’s racing career was practically over; for the 1985 season, TWR would concentrate on the Rover Vitesse as well as taking over Jaguar’s World Sportscar Championship effort from the American team, Group 44. But, the big V12 coupe did enjoy one last significant victory before it was put out to pasture – the 1985 Bathurst 1000.More
Thierry Bolloré
Thierry Bolloré is a name you will hear a bit more of if you follow the fortunes of Jaguar Land Rover. As of 10 September 2020, he became the company’s new CEO, replacing Sir Ralf Speth, who, at 65, has been elevated to executive chairman after running the business – for the most part very effectively – for ten years. Frenchman Bolloré was previously the boss of Renault, having joined the board of the French giant in 2012.More
Limited Edition 2021 Jaguar E-type Exclusive
Jaguar Classic is to create six matching pairs of E-types to celebrate the sports car’s 60th anniversary in 2021 Called the E-type 60 Collection, each pair of cars pays tribute to two of the oldest and most famous Jaguar E-types of all: 9600 HP and 77 RW, cars that played pivotal roles in the E-type’s world debut in Geneva, Switzerland, in March 1961. The Opalescent Gunmetal Grey 3.More
End of sedans?
Lincoln MKZ We’ve known for a while that the Lincoln MKZ wasn’t long for this world, but it doesn’t make the model’s discontinuation anything less than bittersweet. The last day of MKZ production at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant was July 31, as was the case with its platform mate, the Ford Fusion.More
Tuned 357bhp Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5
The Mk5 GTI was a great car as standard, if not a little bit bland. Thankfully, Neil Montgomery has made his Reflex silver example ‘slightly’ more easy on the eye… Words: Si McNally. Photos: Si Gray. RAD GTI DREAM MAKER  Lairy Tuned 357bhp Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk5 gets full-on custom makeover!More
Selling Dodges
Marketing a car successfully is integral to its sales success and no one pioneered this art more successfully than Dodge, Chrysler's middle-market brand. Ben Klemenzson takes a look back through the Archives of the brand's press ads and uncovers some real jewels... Founded in 1900 as the Dodge Brothers Company to supply parts and assemblies for Detroit's growing auto industry, Dodge began making its own complete vehicles in 1914.More
280bhp R32-powered Volkswagen Golf Mk1 street sleeper
Chris Laing’s R32-powered Mk1 sleeper might make you think twice about that garage clearout – you never know when those spares could come in handy. Words: Alex Grant. Photos: Ade Brannan. Mk1 R32 SLEEPER 280bhp R32-powered Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Mk1 street sleeper SPARES OR REPAIR For all except the most life-laundered among us, the biggest certainty of adulthood is a steadily-growing collection of the things we hang onto ‘just in case’.More
How to buy the right Porsche 911 G-model project
Buy a project 911 Restoring a classic 911 can be rewarding – and potentially profitable, too. Autofarm founder Josh Sadler explains what to look for… Fancy a project to work on in your spare time? Our experts advise on what projects to take on, and what to walk away from! How brave do you feel? Buying a project 911 isn’t for the faint-hearted; we’ve all heard tales of running repairs that snowballed into fully-fledged rebuilds.More
Guest column: Brian Redman
Great Britain’s Brian Redman is unquestionably one of the greatest drivers of his generation. The former Porsche factory driver sits down with Total 911’s Tony McGuiness for part five in a series looking back at Brian’s remarkable life and racing career In 1970 I conquered the Spa 1,000km for the third time. I was driving the No. 24 JW Automotive Gulf Porsche 917K along with my co-driver, Jo Siffert. At that race, Seppi and I won at an average speed of 149.42mph.More
Porsche 911 hero Helmuth Bott
911 icon. Responsible for development of the 959, Bott was an engineering genius who dedicated more than three decades of service to Porsche ‘The quiet engineer’ Helmuth Bott oversaw tremendous success at Porsche, both competitively and commercially Helmuth Bott played a pivotal role in the development of Porsche sports cars and the technology surrounding them, with many of his ideas coming to fruition long after he’d left Zuffenhausen.More
Buying Guide Mini Cooper R50
The first hot hatch versions of the new MINI appeared in 2002. Here’s what you need to know about buying a MINI Cooper S or the even spicier JCW. THE MODERN MINI BUYING THE COOPER S / S CLUB R50 Buying Guide: Mini Cooper S Now firmly accepted as a modern classic, the supercharged ‘old’ new Mini is still frantic fun.More
Buying guide: MGB
One of Britain’s most popular classic sports cars for the last 40 years or so, does the long-running MGB still make a good buy – especially with prices of early examples on the rise? We take a fresh look at a familiar face. Words: Paul Guinness. OLD FAVOURITE Buying guide: MGB It’s still the go-to classic so here’s a handy refresher.More
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40 years ago today - 1980 CAR Looking back without hindsight
In 1980, the sports car seemed all but dead. But as CAR found out, a tiny Warwickshire-based firm had other ideas that are still with us today 40 years ago today - 1980 CAR Looking back without hindsight The year 1980 was the darkest for fans of British sports cars. MG’s Midget and B, Triumph’s Spitfire and TR7 were all cancelled.More
Daily-driver 1985 Chevrolet El Camino
Detroit shows the way. Gary Petersen looked long and hard for the right vehicle before he found this very tidy example of a Chevrolet El Camino pickup in Palmerston — the southerly version — just north of Dunedin. A 1985 model, it’s powered by a 350-cubicinch (5.7-litre) small block Chevrolet V8, over bored 60 thou, returning 380bhp (283kW) on the dynamometer, running through a shift-kitted 700R4 automatic transmission, and it came with its factory canopy.More
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