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1986 BMW K100 RS
VIC SUMMERS got into K100 BMWs through his daughter Laura, who was looking to upgrade her 250cc Braap Mercury for something a bit more serious on securing her full motorcycle licence.  “That’s when she showed me photos of K100s that had been customised,” Vic says. “From that point I became a bit hooked on them. I read about them and decided to embark on my first bike build late in life at the age of 60.More
1994 Ford Escort Cosworth Turbo
Our fascination with cars can come from an array of different sources. It could be from friends or watching TV, but most of it stems from our parents. In the case of Mark McClelland, he points his finger at his father. “I think my dad is to blame for my love of cars,” he says with a sparkle in his eyes. “As a kid I would spend many hours in the garage with him while he repaired cars and I guess that’s where it started.More
Ford Eskort MKI RS200 & MKII Harrier
What happens when you have owned loads of Ford models and you must choose which one to have in your garage? Well, Gary York, from Bath, got in touch with us to tell us about his current cars and how many Ford models he has owned. His Ford journey started when he was sixteen with a black Mk1 Ford Escort Mk1. Since then, his driveway has seen many models, ranging from various Capris, Cortinas and Escorts - with the odd Transit thrown in for good measure.More
Ford Capri 205 MKIII
When a Capri is mentioned, you must surely think of the tv programme, ‘The Professionals’ in the 1980s. Over the years, and if you include international versions, there has been four different incarnations of the Capri, until its removal from sale in 1986. Paul Higgins, who hails from Northern Ireland, bought his recent Capri on Facebook just over two years ago.More
BUILT TO RACE: Ford Fiesta MK2 Turbo
For many, the motor vehicle is just a means of getting from A to B. For others, it’s a way of life, an addiction which often zaps a lot of time and money. Then there are the nicer things, like the people you meet along the way that help you out or become great friends for life. One person who can relate to this is 30-year-old Joe Herne, number 1 race mechanic from Norfolk - the man responsible for creating this little Fiesta that you see here.More
Porsche 911 964 NGT
For many 911 enthusiasts, the 964 is as good as it gets. Granted, the 993 was the ultimate evolution of Porsche’s original air-cooled 911 concept, and there’s no denying the technological developments the model brought with it, but it’s a softer design when compared to its predecessor, a 911 which strikes the perfect balance of performance, reliability and quintessential classic Porsche looks. And if you’re going to invest in a 964, then the one to have is the Carrera RS, right?More
2019 Volkswagen Golf R
Anyone who has been riding the VW bus for any length of time wont need any convincing that when it come to a little mad marketing, the Wolfsburg boys are at the head of the line. While most motoring manufacturers throw out the occasional out of the box rendering, or perhaps craft up some crazy clay model creation to tease the Internet with, on the whole when it comes to the showroom stock its the same old yarnworthy offerings.More
Porsche 911 R Turbo RUF 996
Back in 1977, when Commodore was unveiling its PET all-in-one home computer and the world was having its ears beaten into submission by the Sex Pistols, Alois Ruf Jr was busying himself with the launch of Turbo Number One, the first of many Porsche-based production cars to roll out of RUF’s Pfaffenhausen workshop. Modelled on the ground-breaking 930 (911 Turbo), wearing Carrera RS 3.More
Volkswagen Golf MK2 GTI
Shop cars are wonderful things, acting as blank canvases for businesses to show what they’re all about and they've been around for years. Some of them enjoy unlimited budgets, riding the credit wave into the shoreline of success. Others are created from the blood, sweat and tears of a tireless and dedicated team. Whatever their path to fruition, you can bet it’s a good representation of what the shop can do.More
Volkswagen Beetle Pickup
Modified car culture wouldn’t be what it is today without the aircooled VW Beetle, that’s an indisputable fact. There’s no other car quite like it – it first emerged in embryonic form way back in 1938, and continued in production in a loosely similar form right up until 2003. Nearly 15.5 million of them were hammered together in Germany, another 3.5m in Brazil, and countless more in the factories of a dozen or so other countries.More
Volkswagen Passat CC
Hello there. Long time PVW contributor, first time RCars waffler. I thought I should introduce you to my CC because, well, I just really like it.  Now, before we start, I have a confession to make: while I’ve always been a massive VW fan, this is actually only the second one I’ve owned. (And that’s after owning… ooh, I dunno, maybe fifty cars? I’ve lost count.) The first was a Mk2 Scirocco Scala, which a mate gave me as a jokey birthday present when I was 21.More
Volkswagen Golf VII GTI
Despite the mainstream stereotypes of flamboyant bodykits and lurid colours, the best modified cars are the ones defined by the tiniest details rather than the biggest statements. It’s the jobs that result from late nights, bleeding knuckles and relentless auctionhunting that tend to satisfy most, but they’re also the bumps in the road that tend to slow progress or stall it completely. The rational among us take a breather, gather thoughts and come back to it later. Alex Lambert had other ideas.More
2002 Volkswagen Golf IV R32
Anybody can, within reason, buy themselves a Mk4 Golf R32. The only real obstacle here is money – you’ve either got enough or you haven’t. But setting aside that (admittedly quite pivotal) element of the equation for a moment, Mk4 R32s are not some ultra-rare natural resource or semimythical creature which must be tracked down or cannily ensnared. It’s simply a case of wandering into a dealership, whacking a fat wad of notes on the counter and saying ‘Afternoon, chief.More
1966 Mini Cooper
It was just one of those things that I’ve always wanted,” says Nigel Death, standing next to the stunning Almond Green Cooper. “When I was seventeen, I learned to drive in a Mini and then I had one as a first car, but back then, a Mini Cooper or even a Cooper S wasn’t the car that everyone wanted so I moved away from them for a while.”  The Death family connection with Minis is a strong one. Brother, Harvey, is a seasoned car builder and top flight racer.More
1968 Pontiac Catalina
For 63-year-old Stuart Holmes, his fascination for unusual American cars began back in his childhood. “I built up a huge collection of toy cars made by Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox and Spot On,” he recalls. “All these oncefamous manufacturers made scaled-down American cars that to me looked just like their full-sized cousins.” The radical US styling and attention to detail also caught Stuart’s eye and he still keeps his prized collection in a safe place to this day.More
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